Collected Ambient Works II

Release date: September 18, 2018

Barecode: 1 9291486364 9

Produced by: Dave Luxton

Audio mixing and remastering by: Dave Luxton

About the album: Volume II of the Collected Ambient Works series features favorite tracks, personally selected by Dave, from Fuzzy Music (2013) through Explorations of Infinity (2018).

Artwork notes: Background photo by Lori Evans. Artwork design by Dave Luxton.

Dave's personal favorite track(s): Crop Circle, The Quietest Place on Earth, and Essence

Track listing:

1. Mountain Temple  
2. Crop Circle  
3. Free Fall  
4. Liminal  
5. Cascadia  
6. Mysterious Sounds from On High  
7. The Quietest Place on Earth  
8. Circle Limit  
9. Palomar
10. When Waiting Becomes All That You Do
11. Ascent of Being (Extended Mix)
12. Essence

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