Strange Environs

Release date: October 20, 2015

Barecode: 8 892192197 3

Produced by: Dave Luxton

Audio mixing and mastering by: Dave Luxton

About the album: Strange Environs is Dave's 12th Ambient solo studio album. The album is inspired by Dave's time in the desert and mountains of Southern California and reflects many of the strange and austere environments he visited, and state of mind, during this time. Made with both analog and digital synthesizers, Strange Environs represents Dave's use of light and dark textures to create other worldly, mysterious soundscapes. The album is intended to be played continuously through with each track leading to the next.

Artwork notes: Photography and artwork design by Michal Karcz.

Dave's personal favorite track(s): Perihelion, Desolation Plain, and Mountain Temple


Digital pre-release available here!


Track listing:

1. Perihelion  
2. Aphelion  
3. Desolation Plain  
4. Behind the Clouds  
5. Mountain Temple  
6. Salton Sea  
7. Ridge of Ashes  
8. Palomar  
9. Two Planets 


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