Artist Profile: Jason Blake

Olympia, Washington USA: Wayfarer Records is pleased to announce the signing of Chicago, Illinois-based Warr Guitarist JASON BLAKE. Known primarily for his work in the progressive metal trio, Aziola Cry, Blake has recently been productive in the ambient music genre.

Jason Blake plays the Warr Guitar, a twelve-string instrument incorporating the sonic range of guitar and bass. It’s played by tapping the strings, a technique known as touchstyle guitar.

Blake has long incorporated ambient soundscapes into the projects he’s a part of. The Darkness Found In Shadows, released independently last year, was Blake’s first solo ambient release. The music explored a darker sound while using the vast timbre possibilities of the Warr Guitar as the sole audio source.

2021 sees the release of Blake’s most ambitious venture into ambient music yet. Fictional Mirrors, featuring six songs, is the first in a trio of albums exploring psychoanalytic theory.

Blake explained of the album’s sound, “I wanted to explore the idea of mixing my two worlds of progressive and ambient music together.” Fictional Mirrors was mixed at Transient Sound by Tyler Rice and mastered by Vijay Tellis-Nayak.

Dave Luxton of Wayfarer Records said of the signing, “So much of modern ambient music is made of samples and software synths on computers. There’s nothing like sound and artistry of real musicianship on physical instruments. We are elated to have Jason Blake on the roster.”

Watch for full details about the Fictional Mirrors release over the next few months.

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