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David D. Luxton

Ben Davenport is a Pulitzer-nominated journalist on a mission. He’s investigating UFO expert Daniel Byrne, who teaches his followers how to commune with extraterrestrials. A local TV station reporter obsessed with UFO sightings in the area, is found dead near Byrne’s Montana ranch, thus deepening Ben’s interest in the story. Ben knows a ruse when he sees one, but when he experiences an inexplicable event first hand, he’s forced to reevaluate his understanding of reality. At the insistence of the deceased reporter’s niece, Ben investigates what he thinks is a clandestine government plot and plunges head first into a conspiracy theory rabbit hole. Will he use his journalist skills to unveil the truth, or will he succumb to delusion or possibly more menacing forces?

In our world of seemingly unrelenting technological influence, propaganda, corruption, and existential threats, sensemaking is more important now than ever before. Just like in Behind The Machine, The Goldilocks Zone is jam-packed with prophetic relevance for our times.